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Support and Services

After a sexual assault it may be helpful to talk with people who have experience supporting sexual assault survivors.

Rape crisis centers provide 24-hour hotlines, counseling, legal and medical advocacy, and support groups. All of their services are free and confidential, and are available to survivors 12 and older, and their families and friends.

Hospital emergency rooms can offer medical and forensic services within 5 days or 120 hours of a sexual assault. At the hospital you can have injuries treated and/or you may choose to have a sexual assault exam and evidence collection kit.

You are entitled to an exam whether you choose to report to the police or not.

Police departments can take your statement about the assault.  By giving your statement to the police, you are permitting an investigation of the assault.

Victim Compensation may be able to help with certain expenses such as medical, counseling, or lost wages acquired as a direct result of the assault.

Campus resources may be available if you are a student at a college or university, or if the assault occurred on a campus.

  • Support, advocacy, and legal resources may be available on your campus.
  • While most campus authorities are committed to your well-being, they have a duty to remain impartial if the perpetrator is also a student. Campus crisis centers or your local rape crisis center may be able to help you understand this process.
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