Should I Use My E-mail When Submitting a Question?

If you provide your e-mail when submitting a question, you will get an e-mail response. Please note that our services are confidential; however, before pressing "submit," it can be helpful to consider the following questions:


Am I providing my full name?

Some e-mail hosts will include the account holder’s full name and picture as an automatic setting. Please be conscientious of these settings when you submit an inquiry if you do not want this information shared. (Example: “” <Jane A. Doe.>) 


Does my e-mail contain details of an assault?

  • Since this web-based response is not equipped to provide legal advocacy or case-specific information, we encourage you to provide general information rather than details of an assault in your question. If you have case-specific questions, we can provide you with referrals to local agencies to talk through your case in more depth.
  • If you choose to pursue legal action, it can helpful to avoid having multiple written accounts of an incident to avoid any potential inconsistencies.
  • While providing personal details may be helpful in communication, please be aware that if your e-mail is accessible by others, information you provide over e-mail may not remain confidential.


Who has access to my e-mail?

  • Before providing an e-mail for correspondence, it can be important to think about who (besides you) has access to your e-mails.
  • Maintaining privacy can become challenging if you share a computer with someone and your e-mail is always signed in.


Who has access to my phone?

If you have concerns that someone else may have access to your phone or is able to check your phone and see your e-mails, providing your e-mail may be a privacy concern, since someone else may be able to see the response.


Do I have concerns about cyber harassment?

If you are a survivor of cyber harassment or stalking, it may be beneficial to consider if providing your e-mail a safe and comfortable option for you.


If I don’t provide an e-mail, how will someone get back to me?

  • If you choose not to provide an e-mail, you can still submit an online inquiry. We compile FAQs throughout the year to update the website. We cannot guarantee, however, when the updates will take place and which questions will be included.
  • You can always reach out to us via phone during our active hours.
  • Web correspondence is not always immediate. If you have an emergency or pressing legal matter, you can connect with your local police department or you can contact your local rape crisis center.
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